1. Down Yonder
  2. Sarah's Waltz
  3. In The Mood
  4. Dixie Blossoms
  5. Pat's Country
  6. Meryl Anne's Waltz
  7. Ariel Clog
    Deep River Jig
    Liverpool Hornpipe
    Fergus Reel
  1. Lassie's Jig
  2. Once In A While
  3. My Sister's Weddin'
    Old Doc Woods
    Flowers Of Edinburgh
    De'il Amang The Tailors
  4. Fergus Rag
  5. Kendra's Wedding Waltz
  6. Bye Bye Blues
  7. The Ninety and Nine
Sarah's Waltz

Album: Fiddle Magic

Liner Notes

There is magic in the music of the violin - whether it is played in the classical style of the world's famous composers - or if it is played in the wonderful toe-tapping fiddle style of the pioneers who brought their instruments and their music from across the oceans. My family have long been associated with the music of the violin. It has been a part of at least six generations of ancestors. Fiddlers in the family were in great demand for house parties, tea meetings and garden parties that were held in the rural communities of Ontario - in this way they brought brief spells of magic for the hard working settlers. My father, Mervyn Woods, began playing the violin at age eight, and dreamed of bringing the magic of the big band sound to dance halls in the Fergus area. In 1950 he formed Merv Woods and His Orchestra, and has been playing for dances ever since.

Over the years I have also learned to love the magic of the violin - both classical and old time fiddling. This recording is a blend of several styles. So as you sit and listen, close your eyes and let the Fiddle Magic soothe your soul.


Scott Woods: Fiddle & Drums
Kendra (Woods) Norris: Harmony Fiddle
Carolyn Woods: Piano
Eric Mahar: Guitar
Kim Brandt: Bass
Steve Smith: Steel Guitar & Dobro
Paul Stouffer: Keyboards


Produced by: Scott Woods
Musical Arrangements by: Scott Woods, SOCAN
Accompanying Arrangements by: Carolyn Woods
Recorded at: Pizazzudio, Weston, Ontario
Sound Engineer: Barry Lubotta
Cover Design: McLeod Music Productions
Photography: Harold R. Plue
Executive Producer: Mervyn Woods

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