Old Time Jubilee

  1. Introduction by Don Tremaine
  2. Fireman's Reel
    Going to the Barndance Tonight
    Soldier's Joy
  3. Bride of the Winds Jig
    Rustic Jig
  4. Good Old Fashioned Hoedown
    Lightning Hornpip/ Mitton's Breakdown
  5. Red River Waltz
  6. Out the Buckhorn Way
  7. Dear Hearts & Gentle People
  8. Squaw Rapid Reel
  9. Gerald's Waltz
  10. Loch Lomond
  1. Irish Washerwoman
  2. Maytime Swing
  3. Don Tremaine's Reel
  4. Guitar Breakdown Boogie
  5. Buchta Dancer's Polka
  6. Zenda Waltz
  7. The French Song
  8. Fred's Schottische
  9. When Irish Eyes are Smiling
  10. Old Red Barn Jig
    Cec McEachern's Breakdown
  11. It is No Secret
  12. Smile the While ('Till We Meet Again)
Bride Of The Winds Jig & Rustic Jig

Album: Old Time Jubilee

Liner Notes

Those words were heard every week by millions of television viewers across Canada. From 1958 until 1969, Don Tremaine made that familiar start to the most-popular television show in Canadian history. It is with great honour that Mr. Tremaine has recorded the introduction to this recording and to our live show!

When you heard "Got my Dancing Boots on, Got my Sunday Best, Going to the Barndance Tonight" you knew it was Marg Osborne and Charlie Chamberlain doing the vocals with Don Messer on the fiddle. Waldo Munro played the piano, Cecil McEachern on guitar and twin fiddles with Don Messer. Duke Nielsen played the big upright bass alongside Warren McRae on drums and Rae Simmons on clarinet. You might see Vic Mullen on the 5-sting banjo or Johnny Forrest playing his accordion and singing some Scottish songs. And then there was Gunter Buchta and his group of talented young dancers known as the Buchta Dancers who lit up the screen with colourful and energetic movements to the old time tunes played by the orchestra.

All in all, it was a very big cast and the audience got to see and hear every single person each week. The true variety show, Don Messer's Jubilee had something for everyone. It has been 45 years since the show was cancelled by the CBC yet the popularity of its characters is still strong across the country.

For eight years, I had the opportunity to pay tribute to the man himself, Don Messer in a theatre production called "Memories of Don Messer's Jubilee" which toured extensively across Canada. Now, several years later we are re-visiting the music, the memories and the values of an era long since forgotten by many. This recording and our live show - Scott Woods Old Time Jubilee honours the sound that most distinctly is - Don Messer!

We are pleased to reunite with Tommy Leadbeater and Bruce Timmins who were part of the original "Memories" show. And Lynda Lewis joins us here with a wonderful tribute to the songs of Marg Osborne. We hope this album will help you relive some great memories of this wonderful part of our musical heritage!



Scott Woods: Fiddle, Bass, Drums, Guitar
Tom Leadbeater: Vocals
Lynda Lewis: Vocals
Carolyn Woods: Piano
Kendra (Woods) Norris: Fiddle, Accordion, Clarinet
Bruce Timmins: Guitar
Tyler Beckett: Guitar
Darin Parise: 5-String Banjo
Keri Kaskie: Manager & Intro of Don Tremaine
Don Tremaine: Introduction


Produced by: Scott Woods
Musical Arrangements by: Scott Woods, SOCAN
Recorded & Mixed by: Scott Woods, McLeod Music Productions, Fergus, Ontario
Mastered by: Doug Stronach, Eclipse Music Productions, Toronto, Ontario
Illustration by: James Riehl, Dream Scar Studios, London, Ontario
Graphic Design by: Janet McGlynn, Zero Gravity Design, London, Ontario

Old Time Jubilee CD Cover

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