Twin Fiddle Express

  1. Sesqui-Centennial Two-Step
  2. Under Your Spell Again
  3. Silver Dollar Waltz
  4. Twin Fiddle Express
  5. Cheslatta Lake Rag
  6. Listen to the Mockingbird
  7. Second Fiddle To an Old Guitar
  8. Social Sixty
  9. Grayson’s Waltz
  10. Swingin’ Carolyn Blues
  11. Atlantic Polka
  12. Sunset on the Ottawa
  13. Becky’s Jig
    New Brunswick Breakdown
  1. Happy Roving Cowboy
    Happy Acres Two-Step
  2. Road to Fergus
  3. Gilles Roy
  4. Peacock Rag
  5. Sheehan’s Reel
  6. Economy Waltz
  7. Chicken Song
    Chicken Reel
  8. Duelling Fiddles
    Down Yonder
  9. Final Flight (music: Going Home)
Social Sixty

Album: Twin Fiddle Express

Liner Notes

In life it is often said that most people don’t ever want to play “Second Fiddle” – be it in a literal or figurative sense. Well this album is all about the sound of two fiddles – we love to play in sweet harmony! My sister Kendra and I have been playing duets on our violins since we were young. And for some reason she usually has had the distinct pleasure of playing the harmony to my lead.

But despite her song on this CD that says she’s “tired of playing second fiddle…” Kendra has a natural and impressive ability to find the harmony lines in any melody. My process of recording usually starts with a list of tune ideas and then my Mom, Carolyn will play piano with me while I try some ideas. Once we find a tune we like, we simply make an instant arrangement and record it: old school – fiddle and piano only. Then comes the challenge of fitting the rest of the band with these tracks, especially the harmony fiddle.

Some tunes on this CD Kendra did not know before we recorded them – in fact five tunes are brand new. But she heard them a couple times and said, “Okay I have a harmony line – let’s put it down…” And often she will come up with yet another harmony part to fill out the sound further.

I recently wrote a few tunes that have fast become some of my favourites. To honour Canada 150th birthday I wrote the opening tune on this CD: Sesqui-Centennial Two-Step. Grayson’s Waltz was written for my youngest nephew, Grayson Woods. Twin Fiddle Express is a song that originated as an idea to introduce our live show of the same name. It is catchy and you can sing along as well.

My Mom, Carolyn Woods grew up studying Classical piano, but she also accompanied her grandfather, Charlie Dyer when he played Old Time Fiddle tunes. When she met my Dad, she soon started appreciating and playing the big band & swing music that he loved so much. So it is appropriate after all these years that I would write a tune for my Mom that swings and grooves and has a great beat – Swingin’ Carolyn Blues. One day when driving home (on a road we call the Fergus / Orangeville Road), I started coming up with a melody. Appropriately named Road to Fergus, it represents the Scottish flair of my hometown of Fergus, Ontario.

In our live shows, I love to do an inspirational “talking song” and I have found a story I call Final Flight. Heavily modified to fit our format, the original narrative is from a 2008 blog by Airline Captain, Richard Rodriguez. It will surely bring a tear to your eye, especially with the beautiful arrangement of Dvorak’s Going Home as the accompaniment.

This CD would not be possible without the musical support and friendship from some great people. Steve Piticco on guitar and dobro, Darin Parise on 5-String banjo and pedal steel and Tyler Beckett on guitar, mandolin and fiddle. Tyler’s fiddle helps support several of the vocal numbers on the album and we “face off” a few times, trading ‘licks’. My Mom, Carolyn as always plays beautifully on the piano and supports the band in ways only a mom can! My sister, Kendra, always playing second fiddle… has done an amazing job again with the harmonies – both on fiddle and vocals. And she also adds depth with her accordion rhythm.

Twin Fiddle Express, “We love to play in sweet harmony… We’re glad you joined us for the memories!” - Scott


Scott Woods: Fiddle, Vocals, Bass & Vocals
Carolyn Woods: Piano
Kendra (Woods) Norris: Fiddle, Vocals & Accordion
Tyler Beckett: Fiddle, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin
Steve Piticco: Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Dobro
Darin Parise: Pedal Steel, 5-String Banjo


Produced by: Scott Woods
Musical Arrangements by: Scott Woods, SOCAN
Recorded & Mixed by: Scott Woods, McLeod Music, Fergus, Ontario
Mastered by: Doug Stronach, Eclipse Music Productions, Arthur, Ontario
Photography & Graphic Design by: Janet McGlynn, Lumin8 Strategy & Design Agency Inc., London, Ontario

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